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Spirally welded steel tubes

Spirally welded steel tubes are generally larger when they need to work better than they look. Spirally welded tubes are usually up to 20 mm thick, the wallthickness depends on the diameter.

The weld seam is cold formed and spirally welded over the “twisted” plate  and has a weld bead  on both the inside and the outside of the tube. With this SAW process /  Submerged arc process, the deposition speed much higher thanwhen hand welding. Thanks to the higher stream and reduced heat loss because of the insulating function of the powder, this process provides a large burning depth. All this makes this form of welding cheaper than creating long welds in relatively thick material.

We produce the SAW/Submerged arc spirally welded tubes with different characteristics and in smaller job lots. Larger pipes and harbour engineering projects use lots of spirally welded tubes. Spirally welded tubes are a low-cost alternative.

When dealing with projects in which the visual aspect or other technical characteristic plays an important role, people usually choose a longitudinally welded steel tube or a warm formed seamless tube.

You’ll find a schematic example of a spirally welded tube production.

We can saw straight to a maximum diameter of  Ø 1120mm. We can saw in angle to a diameter of Ø 610mm.

Spiraalgelaste buizen