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Custom-made tubes




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Warmgevormde buis S355J2+N


Barteling Buizen BV has different types of tubes it can custom make according to the client’s specifications. We can offer you this high quality European customization in a welded or seamless form. We have years of experience and lots of different contacts such as agents and producers, so we can provide you with a competitive quote.
You can order tubes with a diameter of more than Ø 2020mm and with wall thicknesses of 150mm, accompanied by several factory certifications and/or test reports. The following verifications are available for order:

  • 3.1 certification (see example
  • 3.2 certifications (from all kinds of verification organisations)
  • US-test (Ultrasoon)
  • Pressure test
  • X-ray test
  • Magnetic tests
  • Mechanical tests
  • Chemical examination
  • WPQ / WPS

Normalized stress-free calcination is also an extra option when the parts are coldly produced.
We always confirm what we’ve agreed on in writing.

We offer smaller foundation companies the option of welding footplates. We provide high quality goods and can produce better welds than smaller companies can at their pile driving site.

The plates are welded with CO2 and are a little bigger in diameter. We can also offer you the use of our crane to unload your romped tubes.


S355J2+N op maat gewalst

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